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3 was recorded by Mark Penner at Space + Time Studios Wpg, MB May 2010 and by Graeme Lang at Luxurious Fuzz Toronto ON Sept. 2010 - April 2011

Produced by Recordbreaker and Mark Penner
Mixed by Mark Penner
Mastered by Steve Major
Photography by Marc Koecher
Design by Graeme Lang and Marc Koecher

  1. Solutions (Music: Lang/Primerano, Words: Cameron/Lang/Primerano)
  2. Don't Stop Now (Music: Primerano, Words: Lang)
  3. Not Comin' Home (Lang)
  4. Bound To Tell A Lie (Primerano)
  5. It's All Worth It (Lang)
  6. Try Harder (Lang)
  7. Still Feels Good (Music: Lang/Primerano, Words: Primerano)
  8. No Such Thing As Nowhere (Lang)
  9. Change My Ways (Cameron)
  10. Sure Ain't Love (Music: Primerano, Words: Lang)
  11. Tell Me (Primerano)
Fuller Faster Louder Mastered by Recordbreaker

Recordbreaker - Fuller Faster Louder Mastered (2008)

  1. Got Away With It
  2. Last Time
  3. Sophia
  4. Without You


  • Live
  • Red, Yellow, Blue
  • Rehearsal
  • Solos
  • Live @ Cherry Cola
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Live Photo 1 Live Photo 2 Live Photo 3 Live Photo 4


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